The harvest takes place manually and the grapes are processed within 1 hour of collection, they are transported in boxes, to preserve the skins and avoid the start of unwanted fermentations.

Our will is to obtain local wines with great personality and far from being homologated wines.

In order to achieve this, without the help of oenological simplications, it is necessary that all the steps of vinication and aging are carried out with extreme care and competence acquired harvest after harvest, all this without any inuence o

This is only possible with careful work in the vineyard and a careful selection of the bunches harvested at the optimal moment of ripening, an increasingly arduous job in recent years!!!

The grapes are vinied in small quantities according to the vineyard of origin, as each vineyard has a dierent micro climate dictated by the dierent exposures and slopes. Each vinication is followed with extreme care, from each vineyard we bring out the dierent terroire thus obtaining wines with character and dierent personalities.

The wonder of our work?? there is no Approved and Standardized harvest the beauty of craftsmanship is to be able to grasp and read the best that each Vintage oers us, bring it into the bottle and share it with You.

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  • Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts
  • We don’t filter
  • We do not control the temperature
  • No additions